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A comprehensive approach to Creating Health, Fitness and Mental strength, RED is the ultimate foundation for Longevity, Self mastery and Athletic performance.

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“I became a yoga teacher about 4 years ago and you, as my first teacher in Doha, have been a great inspiration to do so.”

“This training truly raised the level of my game. Bahar’s advice on training, form and nutrition was immensely profound and thought through – and combined with spot-on motivation to keep me going. Thanks a lot!”

“Bahar was my first yoga teacher, she has introduced me to yoga almost 15 years ago. Through her enthusiasm, clear teaching instructions, dedication and warm-heartedness, she has greatly inspired me. Her teachings have laid the foundation of my continuous personal developmental process on a physical, mental, nutritional and spiritual level. She has a true gift to unite. Bahar’s teachings have enabled me to always find my way back to the yoga mat. I can truly recommend her as your teacher and personal coach.”

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