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For close to 2 decades we have been bombarded by Fad diets promising quick weight loss, Exercise programs promising six pack abs in a matter of minutes and many more confusing  messages from the ever growing Diet and exercise industry.

Unfortunately these “Pie in the Sky” ideas has left the majority of you disillusioned, with your metabolisms altered for the worse, combined with injuries due to excessive monotone movements.

Here you will find the TRUTHS about all sorts of Fad’s and helpful tips which will propel you to greater heights in your pursuit of Health and Fitness.

  • The Truth about Fats

Myth: Fats make us Fat

Truth: Lipids, Fatty acids & Cholesterol ; generally referred to as “Fats” are a necessity  in a balanced diet

They are used within the Body for many vital functions; e.g. Neural transmission , insulations of cells, supporting the immune system, hormone production, thermoregulation, supporting the metabolism, absorption of vital Fat soluble vitamins & Fat Loss!

A Balanced  Diet delivers  15-25% calories from HEALTHY Fat’s

  • Unsaturated MUFA, PUFA (omega group)= Majority are found in Cold water Fish, seeds, Nuts
  • Some good for you Cholesterol : Coconut Oil+ Egg Yolk!!
  • Moderate amount of Saturated Fat’s: Red meat….
  • NO Trans fats: Manufactured to stabilize at room temperature: Packaged food, factory baked goods…..

As with all Food, when and how much Fat plays a key role in achieving Fat loss and maintenance of health and performance!

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  • The Truth about Sleep

Myth: How much sleep you need depends on who you are

Truth: For maintenance of Health (natural detoxification of the Body), Rebuilding of our genes, recovery , Longevity & Fat loss ; We All require 7 ½ – 8 hours of Sleep!


Learn to optimize your sleep by :

  • Creating the right environment
  • Building a sleep ritual
  • Consuming the right Foods at night will assist in creating sleep Hormones

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  • The Truth about Cardiovascular training (a.k.a : Cardio)

Myth: The more Cardio you do The more fat you lose

Truth: FAT is burned in the Muscle of the Body!

Excessive  “Cardio” (long duration, steady state Heart rate) pushes the body to use muscle protein for energy production = Smaller muscles= less fat Burned!

Slowed down metabolism= Plateau! 

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  • The Truth about  “Diet products” a Devil in disguise!

Myth: Eat “Diet products” to lose weight Fat)

Truth: “Diet Products”  are an ingenious invention by food Manufacturers to get your money and keep you coming back for more!

The Companies have taken a very recognizable and harmless word Diet (translation) : To Feed, The usual Food or Drink of a person;  and turned it into a cash cow to benefit their bottom line!


The Truth is that anything ‘Labeled’ as “Diet Product” has been heavily processed to create the illusion that you are consuming less “calories”, which would lead to weight loss….Right???

NOT so!!!

Diet products are generally products labeled “FAT free- light ” or “Sugar Free- low Sugar” ( e.g.  Diet Soda, Light peanut butter…). These modified  products contain chemicals far more damaging (to both;  your fat loss goals and to your long term Health) than the “ natural” product that may be higher in Fat or sugar content.

These chemicals,  stabilizers, preservatives, coloring agents  and “Natural aroma” (would love to know what that really is? And why do they need to add it? If it’s so natural…shouldn’t it already be in the product???!!!!)

Research has shown that these products, not only devastate our digestive capacity but also damage our metabolism and contribute to food dependence (addiction!) amongst many other negative effects.


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  • The Truth about Sugar ( processed sugar!) a The “Not so Silent killer!”

Myth: If I exercise, then I can eat all the sugar I want….cause it is really Fat that makes me Fat, Not Sugar

Truth: We Humans have specific- individual needs for NATURAL sugar (Fruit, Dairy….)depending on our Physical make-up, lifestyle and physical activity.

The kind of Sugar consumed in the form of: sugary beverages+ juices, baked goods, candy and chocolate bars (even some nutritional bars!!), Soda drinks and Alcoholic beverages, just to name a few; can do unimaginable damage to our Bodies (e.g. Altered Metabolism, Metabolic Syndrome….which leads to all other sorts of diseases!)

Time to Banish these “Not so silent Killers” out of our Diet…FOR EVER!


Learn how to distinguish between Harmful and Safe Sugars to benefit YOUR bottom line!



  • The Truth about (Fad) Diet’s

Myth: They are a great Trick for Weight-Fat loss

Truth: There are NO TRICKS when it comes to safe, permanent weight- Fat loss….only Knowledge (know How)  and self Control can have the optimal effect!

We have had to endure decades of Fad Diet B#*S, but in today’s world all you need is to arm yourself with Knowledge about how Food affects your Body and what YOUR Body needs to be on its  way to your ultimate Health and Fitness goals!


Of course, there are some Diets that are of the ages ( South Beach, Dash….) and considered “a better choice”. Unfortunately there is no such thing as ONE Diet for all of us! We all have our own individual Diet needs ( depending on physical make-up, Lifestyle, activity level, gender ).

Fad Diets are all about food-type elimination ( e.g. Fruit, grains….), deprivation (excessive calorie restriction) and are absolutely unrealistic for long term use + create the detrimental “jojo effect”

Naturally some Diets (e.g. Mediterranean Diet …) can be used as general guide line for what works best.

Rule of Thumb: Eat variety of a food, closest to nature in a Portion controlled fashion.


The BEST Diet for you, is the one put together for you by a Credible Certified Nutritionist.


  • The Truth about Exercise

Myth: The more and the more Intense the better the results ( Fat Loss, Muscle gain….)

Truth: It is not How much You do, But What you do that will get you closer to your goals

SMART planning and correct guidance are the secrets to Achieving you Physical goals.

There are Basic principles applied to a Physical activity routine to create general health, then there are specific Heart rate dependant variables for building an Efficient energy burning machine within the body….and then there are principles to be applied if the goal is beyond  general fitness

In order to create optimal results from exercise:

  • It must be done on most days of the week (3-5 days)
  • It must be a Minimum of 30 minutes ( incremental 10 minute blocks throughout the day or 1 session)
  • Must be effective in creating particular results ( Cardiovascular capacity, endurance, Fat loss, Coordination, stability, fitness, muscle mass, athletic capacity …)
  • Should be varied or consecutive days to allow for recovery and prevent a “Plateau”

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  • The Truth about Carbohydrates

Myth: They should be eliminated from the Diet, if Goal is Weight-Fat Loss

Truth:  This is the # 1 misconception when it come to Weight- fat loss

Carbohydrates, generally referred to as “Carb’s” are an absolutely necessary food group; not only for Fat Loss but also for maintenance of Health & Vitality!

There are several different sorts of Carbohydrates:

  • 1st Category: Complex carbohydrates (Fiber, starch, glycogen): Whole grains, legumes, vegetables, meat & Sea food… 
  • 2nd Category: Simple Carbohydrates ( Fruit, Honey…)
  • 3rd Category: Modified /processed Carbohydrates

 The first two categories must be a part of a Nutritionally sound Diet in proper proportion (yes, even the simple kind!). The last category is best eliminated or consumed in extreme moderation.


How much, what kind and when these carbohydrates are consumed; depend solely on a) lifestyle, b) level of activity and fitness + future fitness goals and c) Body type.


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