RED Revolution Fitness Personal Coaching

This aspect of Coaching is based on the 2nd pillar of RED: ‘E” for Exercise.

Systematically designing movement program using extensive knowledge of anatomy/physiology and applied kinesiology to create desired level of Health/Fitness/Vitality and Athletic performance.

Based on specific Body types, age, gender, physical activity levels, etc have specific requirements. 

  • Complete posture and physical capacity/limitations analysis
  • Specific SMART goal setting for your requirements and goals
  • Ability to independently engage in physical activity routines for Health & Longevity
  • Exercise routines to create specific capacity required for advanced levels of Fitness & Athletic training
  • Techniques in Injury prevention
  • Muscle toning for Fat-loss (weight-loss)
  • Body Transformation
  • Injury rehabilitation program
  • Increasing Muscle mass
  • and more!

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