RED Revolution Fitness/ Bodybuilding & ATHLETE  Performance COACHING

This aspect of Coaching is based on the 2nd pillar of RED: ‘E” for Exercise.

Systematically designing movement program using extensive knowledge of anatomy/physiology and applied kinesiology to create desired level of Health/Fitness/Vitality and Athletic performance.One on one and fully personalized Coaching based on individual requirements/goals and desires. 

RED Revolution Fitness Performance Coaching will provide the knowledge and experties required to create spectacular physical transformation without the use of strong fat burners and other aggresive “supplements”. 

Based on specific Body types, age, gender, physical activity levels, etc have specific requirements. 

With more than two decades of Knowledge and expertise in the science of Physical transformation ( Anatomy/Physiology/applied kinesiology) paired with Functional Medicine baced Hormone rebalancing and Metabolism Super charging; every client who is willing to put in the work will get exactly what they pay for.   

  • Complete posture and physical capacity/limitations analysis
  • Specific SMART goal setting for your requirements and goals
  • Ability to independently engage in physical activity routines for Health & Longevity
  • Exercise routines to create specific capacity required for advanced levels of Fitness & Athletic training
  • Techniques in Injury prevention
  • Muscle toning for Fat-loss (weight-loss)
  • Body Transformation
  • Injury rehabilitation program
  • Increasing Muscle mass
  • and more!


60 min session coaching: 80 euros 

Package of 10 sessions: 700 euros

3 months pre competition: 900 euros


“If it was easy to get results in the gym, there would be no need for Coaches such as myself. Unfortunately, simply “lifting weights” ..Exercising will unlikely bring about specifics desires such as body transformation and getting to the best competition shape an athlete possibly can.”  

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