Coaching Packages 


  • Foundation for Health/Fitness/Lifestyle & Wellness
  • Basic Nutritional/ Fitness Guidelines based Goal setting
  • Monthly Consultations


  • Everything incuded in the START package + BODY TRANSFORMATION
  • Lifestyle related Mindset Coaching to debunk limiting beliefs
  • Advanced fully costumized Nutritional/Exercise/lifestyle guidelines
  • Access to Classes free of charge

Life Coaching for High Performance | Mindset | Success 

  • Monthly Advanced Mindset Coaching: Life Mapping, Peak Performance, Mental Toughness and Emotional Management, Tools in Stress and setback managemnet.


Client testimonials

“I became a yoga teacher about 4 years ago and you, as my first teacher in Doha, have been a great inspiration to do so.”

“Bahar was my first yoga teacher, she has introduced me to yoga almost 15 years ago. Through her enthusiasm, clear teaching instructions, dedication and warm-heartedness, she has greatly inspired me. Her teachings have laid the foundation of my continuous personal developmental process on a physical, mental, nutritional and spiritual level. She has a true gift to unite. Bahar’s teachings have enabled me to always find my way back to the yoga mat. I can truly recommend her as your teacher and personal coach.”

“This training truly raised the level of my game. Bahar’s advice on training, form and nutrition was immensely profound and thought through – and combined with spot-on motivation to keep me going. Thanks a lot!”

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