“Optimize Your Psychology to Change Your Life.”

This aspect of the Coaching is based on one of the 3 pillars of RED:

R for RESET.

MINDSET/Emotional Mastery program designed using:
  • Stoic Philosophy
  • NLP
  • CBD
  • Naikan therapy
  • Sedona Method

Teaching skills: 

  • Reprogramming the internal dialogue and the external expression of the 5-sensory feedback modalities to improve communication skills as well as self mastery
    • Leaning how to sell/Negotiate/resolve conflicts
  • Emotional appraisals
    • Cognitive restructuring
  • Mindfulness and practice of Introspection
  • How to create mental focus beyond internal and/or external distractions
  • Find your Purpose
  • Enhancing Self appraisal
    • Building self-confidence
  • Ability to reinforce internal positive dialogue 
  • How to overcome failure, reassess and move on 
  • Teaching Understanding of the necessity for Working Wiser NOT HARDER
  • Adding Quality to personal and professional relationships
    • Learning how to set boundaries



You would think that not having to run away from the saber toothed tiger, put up with drought, infectious disease & hunger, having access to anything and everything we desire with abundance of tecnology and healthcare would make us the happiest of the Human race. That with economic welfare and ability to travel to the far corners of the world in matter of hours we would have no reason to be unhappy, depressed and burned out.

Sadly, today we have more Depressed people walking around than any generation ever has. Stress has become the emotional equivelant of Cancer in our new age with More people committing subside than die of any other cause.

This is due to the fact that our OLD ways are inadequete in coping with the modern day intensely tech driven society which requires a whole new set of mental and emotional tools to manouver efficiently.”