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RED Pure Nutrition/Lifestyle & Weight Management Coaching 

This part of Coaching covers the 3rd pillar of RED “D” for Diet which according to the Oxford dictionary refers to: THAT WHICH WE EAT & is not the same as what is currently referred to as “dieting”.


  • According to Worldometers statistics, annnually 60 million dollars is spend on weight loss diets/products and tools. There are more than 1 billion overweight adults globally, the majority of which have gone on1or more diets in their life time.

Only 5% of the dieters actually manage to maintain their results with 95% of this population regaining the body fat lost plus some extra kg’s as well as creating devestating side effects of yoyo dieting including plummeting metabolism amongst many more.

Take control of Your Health Destiny with

RED Pure Nutrition, is a Comprehensive approach to Health/Nutrition & Longevity and will provide:

  • Complete Current Nutritional, Lifestyle and limitations for longevity analysis
  • Nutritional Guide-lines with consideration for:
    • Age ( Nutritional needs and Hormonal Balance)
    • Gender
    • Physiological dispositions (Body type)
    • Level of activity
    • Future Fitness Goals
    • Medical Conditions ( Such as IBS, Gluten intolerance etc…)
  • Nutritional Guidelines for those dealing with Metabolic Syndrome (High Blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, High Cholesterol)
  • Guidelines For EATING on the road & as you travel
  • Body Transformation: burn fat – build muscle  
  • Sport Nutrition for Athletic Training
  • Teaching Truths about Dieting 
  • Teaching coping methods for Internal (physical) & External ( family life, work and social) factors limiting healthful behavior and its consistency
  • Providing skills for Healthy lifestyle goal setting
  • Behavioral optimization for Healthful living 
  • Changing relationships with Food and Exercise
  • Combating Food addiction
  • Breaking through weight (body fat) plateau’s & sluggish metabolism 

All Guidelines are based on the latest Health, Nutrition and Longevity research. 

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