Bahar is a being of inspiration and wisdom and is an all round beautiful soul. This woman has taught me many lessons over the past five years including the fact that you can do anything, be anything and conquer all the obstacles along the way with the right mindset. Bahar is never far away for support, guidance and advice even though I live on the other side of the world (Australia). I will be forever grateful having her in my life and I look forward to continuing my Red Stoic Way of Life journey towards greatness.

“They say u cant teach an old dog new tricks ? But what if I tell u these ‘tricks’ are based on science and experience? Well think again! I started to train in 1998 in an era when Mr.Olympia Dorian Yates had just retired the previous Year.. and we had the pleasure to Witness the beginning of the 7th wonder of the world starting his reign.. a Cop named Ronnie.. this is a period in time when MASS was everything and it was all blood and guts with trainers in gyms screaming lightweight, nothing But a peanut and all we knew was Flex magazine and  bro science. Now fastforward to 2014, many titles under my belt, many athletes, a torn pec and a lack of motivation, I have the opportunity to take on a female client ‘Bahar’ me first thinking it was going to be some Turkish boy. Little did I know that this client was gonna change my Life forever. When I gave her an introduction to competitive bodybuilding she gave me the RED Stoic Way of Life that went beyond just bodybuilding!! It changed almost every aspect of my Life and transformed me form a massive bodybuilder to a Healthy younger looking muscular, more mature and successful man.
Learning How to make the right food choices and to be very creative in the kitchen. Learning new training techniques, and most important the mental growth I went trough and still am going through, learning and growing Each and Every day. One thing I can assure You, RED Stoic Way of Life is for everyone seeking to change their physique, mind and spirit.
Thank You RED Stoic Queen!”

There is an old saying, “When you are ready to learn, the teacher will arrive.” I can attest to the truth of that statement because in the fall of 2013 I was ready to learn. My life was in transition. I was recently divorced and I was in the beginning of making a professional change as well. The stress of work and my personal life had frankly begun to jeopardize my physical and emotional health. I decided to start a regular exercise program and one day while I was scrolling fitness pages on Instagram I came across the most compelling, unique, and inspiring person: Bahar. I looked at her page and I soon realized that this woman had a lot to teach me about fitness. She also had a lot to teach me about mental toughness, handling adversity, leadership, goal setting, and how to have fun. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is look at her page so I can get an inspirational word of the day. No matter how tough times are I know that I will always feel better when I hear her words of wisdom. 
For me the most special thing about Bahar is that she always keeps her promises. Always. I have always been able to count on her. She has also inspired my children. My son has become quite the athlete and scholar and I know for a fact that he has succeeded in large part due to the messages of inspiration she regularly sends him along with the amazing example she provides. My daughter, inspired by Bahar, decided to pursue her passion to study art in college. 
There is no doubt that Bahar has an amazing physique and that she has so much to teach us about fitness. The best thing about her is that she teaches us daily that we posses the power within to overcome any obstacle and that just as we can reshape our bodies with exercise we can reshape our world with the power of our mindset. I am blessed to call her my leader, my inspiration, and my friend.

James W. Smith III, Esquire
Trial Attorney 

“My name is Karmen Fekete. I’m 24 years old, from Hungary and live in the Netherlands. I have been competing since the beginning of 2017. That was the time I had my first experience with RED Stoic Way of Life coaching 🙂 I’m very glad for my decision to choose Bahar as my posing coach. A Couple of times before each competition we set up a day to work on the details. It was much more than teaching quarter turns. She taught me how important it is to be prepared mentally as well as physically. She taught me to improve myself and put personality into my posing. The lessons never stopped when the time was over, I could always contact her for advice and feel supported by her meant a lot during my road to competitions. I will continue competing next year and I’m 100% sure that I will choose to continue learning from the best!”

“Hello my name is Joell and I’m an athlete of RED Stoic Way of Life! I’m 1.80 m tall and 20 years young and have been training for almost 7 years which has brought me a lot of experience and knowledge about nutrition and exercise. I started with the RED Stoic Way of Life Coaching in December 2016 for mental coaching to extend my view on nutrition and to get mental support. It has brought me a whole new look on nutrition, new exercises and how you can reach your full Potential!
In the future I would love to work with and represent the RED Stoic Way of Life and to be a part of it to give people a new look on how they can reach there full potential and learn how their body works so they can pass it on one day to a new generation!”

“Ik studeer Sportkunde en ben 30 jaar oud. Na mijn studie wil ik vitaliteit en leefstijlcoach worden. Mijn passie voor bodybuilding en een gezonde leefstijl is groot. Bahar heeft als coach een belangrijke rol gespeeld bij mijn herstel van fitnesswedstrijden. De wijze lessen van Bahar draag ik elke dag met mij mee en pas ik zorgvuldig toe. Bahar draagt gratitude, compassie, wijsheid en gedrevenheid uit. Met behulp van Bahar wil ik mijn fysiek, mentale en intellectuele gesteldheid naar een hoger niveau brengen. Ik ben zo trots om als disciple een onderdeel van the red Stoic Way of life te zijn en andere om me heen te helpen.

My name is Joyce, 30 years old and after finishing my degree in sports science I want to specialize in lifestyle coaching. I have a real passion for bodybuilding and healthy living. Bahar has played an important role in my recovery from fitness events. Her wise lessons have had a very positive impact on my life and I continue to put them into practice everyday. Bahar exudes values such as gratitude, compassion, wisdom and drive. With Bahar’s help I am certain that I will continue to ascend to my goal of greater physical, mental intellectual prowess. I am very proud to be part of the RED Stoic Way of Life community and help others.”

“Hi, my name is Mo Dchiri. 33 years young, father of three, fitness/bodybuilding fanatic, Personal trainer and RED Stoic Way of Life disciple. I came in contact with Bahar through positive feedback from friends and fitness enthusiasts in my local gym. Since I committed myself to make significant changes to my lifestyle with the help of Bahar, I have made progress in areas where I didn’t think it to be possible. Thanks to the insightful and understanding guidance that was provided, to aid me in my training and day to day nutrition. The RED Stoic Way of Life Coaching is always on point with great advice to get me to my next future goal, within realistic range considering private life and other goals that may be. The RED Stoic Way of life suites my needs and keeps me in an easily sustainable healthy fitness lifestyle. It is never a bad idea to invest in yourself, you are worth it.

“I became a yoga teacher about 4 years ago and you, as my first teacher in Doha, have been a great inspiration to do so.”

“Bahar is not just my personal trainer, she has been a life changing experience for me! I have always worked out a lot (approx 5 times a week), but never with these results. I have learnt so much from her, on how to treat your body right with some amazing results, which I am very proud of! We have been working together for a while now and I still look forward to every grueling training with her. As I have never met anyone as driven, dedicated, motivated and energetic like her. She has helped me in many ways, not only reshaping my body, but also growing stronger physically and mentally and all of my physical complaints have been resolved. My skin has is glowing an plump again, my body is toned and my mind full of energy. Bahar has brought me much more than I could have ever thought of! I would recommend her to anyone, however you have to be dedicated and ready for change, but I promise: you will get it.”

“When I met Bahar for the first time, I didn’t know who Bahar was as a trainer and as a person. It didn’t take too long to experience Bahar’s special qualities as a trainer and as a life coach. Bahar is one of the most professional trainers I have ever worked with. But what made a difference for me, is Bahar’s style to motivate people to go the extra mile to achieve a personal goal. My personal training with Bahar is a master class. She will explain every exercise and how the human body works, giving me confidence that our training program is tailored to my needs. No pain, no game. Training with Bahar is hard work, but I know she will help me overcome my own limits and give me the confidence I need to change my life style.”

“This training truly raised the level of my game. Bahar’s advice on training, form and nutrition was immensely profound and thought through – and combined with spot-on motivation to keep me going. Thanks a lot!”

I met Bahar last year while she was giving Bootcamp Training and immediately became a fan! She motivated me to push myself further and ensured I got the most out of the sessions. This triggered me to hire her as a personal trainer which ensured that I met my physical goals and accomplished having a balanced diet. I have trained with Bahar for more than a year, and she is a real “Power Woman” and motivator with enormous passion and drive in the field of sports, health and diet.”

“Bahar is an inspirational, incredibly knowledgeable and motivational teacher. She knows and shares this knowledge she has in so many different areas with you, making you independent rather than dependent! I have reached goals that I never knew could be reached and trust her completely. This gives me peace of mind whilst training…and yes…trainings are definitely challenging! I have gained confidence as well as improved strength and great results on fat loss/muscle %-age, more muscle definition than ever. Bahar is dedicated and sincere, she gives so much energy…making it a pleasure to work out no matter how early! I feel privileged to know her and train with her.”

“From a chance meeting in the gym, Bahar has become an integral part of my life. I had just finished physiotherapy after an operation and was exercising on my own when I met her. I knew straightaway that she was the perfect person to help (read bully!) me to get up and running and strong again. She knows the human body inside out, and takes all your individual physical issues into account. What I really like about Bahar is that she is goal oriented and she explains everything clearly. I know exactly why I’m doing the exercises she recommends and how to do them safely. I can feel my body getting stronger all the time. But more importantly, her motivation and positive attitude are contagious. I’m now motivated to go to the gym while it used to be chore. But be warned, once you start working with Bahar you’ll never be able to stop!”

“Bahar was my first yoga teacher, she has introduced me to yoga almost 15 years ago. Through her enthusiasm, clear teaching instructions, dedication and warm-heartedness, she has greatly inspired me. Her teachings have laid the foundation of my continuous personal developmental process on a physical, mental, nutritional and spiritual level. She has a true gift to unite. Bahar’s teachings have enabled me to always find my way back to the yoga mat. I can truly recommend her as your teacher and personal coach.”